100% paper

French artist Hopare and Urban Signature are organizing this free, temporary exhibition, opening on Wednesday, January 11 at Galerie Joseph in the 3rd arrondissement, before closing the doors on Sunday, January 15 at 6pm.

Take Urban Signature, France’s first custom-made street art company, and add Hopare, a major figure in urban art for around twenty years, and you’ll have one of the street art events of early 2023. With 100% Paper, the Parisian artist has taken pleasure in inviting some forty artists from France and around the world, with whom he has collaborated throughout his career.

The exhibition will feature 80 original works, including lithographs, serigraphs and drawings. The artists (French and international), all from different backgrounds, were challenged to work on paper. The result is a formidable new installation, bursting with talent and creativity.

Articles: AllEvents.in., Sortiraparis.com., Paris Secret, OnVaSortir! Paris.