Outdoor & Indoor murals

At your request, Urban Signature can organize the creation of indoor or outdoor murals in both your home or at your workplace.
Throughout the entire process, Urban Signature ensures curation, production and communication.

Our clients include: Sonia Rykiel, Maison des Canaux, Secours populaire français, Transdev, SNCF, Office HLM Montreuil…

Live Performances / Team-building activities

Urban Signature organizes live performances involving one or more artists and on any support of your choosing.

For example, the more than 800 people who attended the vernissage of our annual collective exhibition at the “59 Rivoli” gallery in Paris witnessed a live performance by several artists.

On another occasion, we were solicited by AFD Technologies for their corporate end-of-year party.
Dazzling live performances were organized in a festive setting, with artist Xare customizing the company’s logo and artists Cannibal Letters and Dark Snoopy painted works for the participants.

Our clients include: Lions Club de Reims, Eight Advisory, Sonia Rykiel, AFD Technologies,…

Workshops & Customization sessions

Urban Signature organizes public workshops for both children and adults.
During these workshops, participants can choose to actively participate or simply be spectators as artists customize objects in real time.

During one of these workshops, Urban Signature invited artist Raf Urban to organize hands-on activities with children.
On another occasion during a team-building session, the non-profit Article 1 asked us to set up a workshop using stencils with artist Ami Imaginaire.

On yet another occasion, Urban Signature set up an object customization workshop during a street art festival organized with another French non-profit,
Secours populaire français. Participants were asked to bring an object of their choice so that the artists present could paint them in real time.

Also, the company Neomouv solicited Urban Signature in order to have 6 unique mountain bikes customized by several renowned street artists.

Exhibitions / Auctions

Every year, Urban Signature organizes several collective exhibitions in the form of pop-up stores that bring together 20 artists on average.
During these exhibits, artists can showcase and sell works of different formats and created on a wide variety of supports (sometimes atypical ones).
Usually, spaces are leased for the occasion, but we can also host exhibits in spaces set up in partnership with local businesses.

Furthermore, Urban Signature has experience raising funds for non-profits through events such as auctions.
We use our expertise in a wide range of services to ensure curation, production, communication, establishing partnerships and catalog creation.

Urban Signature is proud to work with non-profit Secours populaire français since 2017. In the context of this collaboration, we have helped organize the art exhibit and auction “Boards to be Solidaire” (Skateboards for Solidarity). This event showcases customized skateboards created by more than 130 street artists. Since its inception, the event has garnered support from agnès b., La Fab., Artcurial, Invaluable and Arthur Vlog Streetart, and it has helped raise €182,000 on behalf of the non-profit. .

Street art festivals

Urban Signature organizes events dedicated to street art, such as festivals that promote this popular art form. Urban Signature ensures curation, production, communications and establishing partnerships. Urban Signature has supported the organization of events raising funds for humanitarian projects throughout the world, especially those in favor of actions taking place in Haiti.

Within the context of France’s national music festival (“La Fête de la Musique”), Urban Signature and Secours populaire français bring together more than 40 street artists
during its own street festival which marries music and live artistic performances in the Montmartre neighborhood in Paris. Each year, over two thousand people attend this event.


Art leasing

Urban Signature offers an art leasing program for companies looking to acquire art works to embellish their spaces.

The leasing program allows the client to spread the payment over several months (from 13 to 48) and to benefit from tax incentives in France. Please contact us in order to learn more about fiscal advantages.

The leasing program will allow you to showcase art in your work environment without burdening your company’s finances and preserving your budget for your core business activities.


Cost-effective solutions without an impact for your balance sheet:
• No personal contribution
• No immobilisation of art works
• No VAT prepayment
• No hidden costs


• Benefit from a 100 per cent tax deductible rate on your lease
• Acquire the work on favorable terms


• All companies subject to corporate taxes (under French fiscal laws)
• All companies subject to the French income tax (under industrial and commercial profits).


Urban Signature will be accompanying you throughout the entire financing process thanks to our tailor-made services that allow us to propose cost-effective measures adapted to your needs.




5 000 €

298,80 € / MONTHS

Tax savings: 

2 070 €

229,85 € / MONTHS

Tax savings: 

2 047 €

161,10 € / MONTHS

Tax savings: 

2 073 €

10 000 €

595,60 € / MONTHS 

Tax savings: 

4 127 €

457,60 € / MONTHS

Tax savings: 

4 077 €

319,90 € / MONTHS

Tax savings: 

4 117 €

20 000 €

1.191,20 € / MONTHS

Tax savings: 

8 255 €

915,20 € / MONTHS

Tax savings: 

8 154 €

639, 80 € / MONTHS

Tax savings: 

8 234 €

Art purchases

It is also possible to benefit from tax advantages by purchasing original works. Indeed, this type of acquisition
will have a positive impact on the taxable profits of your structure over the current financial year as well as the following four (amortization over 5 years).

In order to benefit from this advantage:

• The artist must be alive at the time of the purchase.
• The work must be exhibited for the entirety of the amortization period in a place where it is clearly visible by staff, clients, contractors and anyone else present in the premises.
Such places can include open-spaces, waiting areas, hallways, cafeterias, but it excludes individual offices.
• The amount of the tax deduction (for each financial year) cannot exceed 5 per thousand of the company’s annual turnover.
Therefore, the deduction will be 20% of the purchase price of the work for 5 years.

Investment advice

Urban Signature will be at your side to advise you on your urban art acquisitions.
We maintain close ties with a very large number of artists and main auction houses in France.
As a result, we are in the best position to advise you and keep you informed of the artists’ valuation.

These acquisitions are generally made with the aim of embellishing the premises and enabling employees and partners to benefit from and access them directly from their workplace.

In addition to beautifying your workplace, acquiring art is a strategic investment since the work often tends to increase in value.

Whatever your choice, we will be at your side to advise you and respond to your requests.