Xare is an artist who has remained faithful to graffiti, using various techniques mainly in the streets, on railways and trains.

He ventured into new territories, appropriating innovative and alternative mediums, which he constantly discovers (enamelled plate from the RATP in particular). Wooden palisades, road signs, bicycles… have been customized by the artist.

Much of his work has not survived, both the weather and the cleaning services. It is therefore no coincidence that he thinks of his paintings as small pieces of wall, on which the lettering is numerous and the colors overlap. Like the street, the canvas is for him a playground, subject to his experiments with materials, colors and techniques.

Curious and constantly aware, it’s in contemporary art, which he is keen on, that he draws his inspiration (especially from Sam Francis or Peter Clausen). Xare also likes to integrate bits of sentences into his works and to provoke reflection.