Our story

Urban Signature is the result of a collaboration between two brothers, Elliot and Warren, collectors and street-art enthusiasts. Business-school graduates, both Elliot and Warren are pursuing different career paths, but they share the same ambition in creating an innovative and unique street-art business with a tailor-made approach. The brothers hail from three generations in the art world. Struck by the rise of urban art, initially expressed in the streets, they are now welcoming it into our homes.
Customizing design furniture or objects meets the changing consumer trends of recent years. In response to this new tendency, Elliot and Warren decided in 2016 to create ‘Urban Signature’, the first French street-art company to offer ‘made to measure’ street art. Renowned artists have been quick to join them, believing in their new approach to urban art. In their scheme, you become the main contractor, by choosing the artist, the colours, the themes, the dimensions and the items to be transformed.
Elliot and Warren offer a different approach to traditional galleries: custom art!


ELLIOT BUISSON / founder …………………….. +33 (0)6 61 91 43 96 / [email protected]

WARREN BUISSON / founder …………………… +33 (0)7 61 04 03 55 / [email protected]

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