Domaine Chante Bise X Ardif

There are many reasons to choose a street artist for the label of a natural wine range. And that’s why Domaine Chante Bise called on the talented Ardif.

Authenticity and originality: Street artists often have a unique style and creative approach that can bring authenticity and originality to the label. Their urban, contemporary aesthetic can stand out in the wine industry and attract the attention of consumers.

Connection with target audience: Natural wine lovers often have an artistic sensibility and an appreciation for art. By choosing a street artist to design the label, you create a connection between your product and your target audience, which can enhance the appeal of the natural wine range.

Commitment to sustainability: Choosing a street artist can be aligned with the values of sustainability and authenticity associated with natural wines. Street artists often use recycled materials and work in abandoned urban spaces, which can fit in with the ecological approach to natural wine.

Promoting urban art: Working with a street artist to create a wine label can help promote urban art and support artists. It shows a commitment to the culture and creativity of the local community.