Le Nida x Urban signature

This new venue, known as Nida, opened its doors in November 2022 and commissioned Urban Signature to create a fresco in the “Ateliers” room, which was dedicated to the visual arts.

Project: October 2022

Location: Le Nida in Issy les Moulineaux

Project artist: Vincent Bargis

Le Nida is a place of discovery and creation where sustainable and desirable lifestyles are interconnected; it’s an urban oasis where you can wake up to an optimistic future; it’s a world of exchange where “doing things together” makes sense.

Le Nida is a unique bubble of life, open to all, where you can marvel and discover yourself.

Le Nid d’idées d’avenir is a warm, welcoming place where you can feel right at home!

The second floor of Le Nida is a space for ideation and discovery. The workshops are designed to bring out the know-how that lies within us all. 

As part of the opening of this brand new living space in the “Issy Cœur de Ville” eco-district, Nida called on Vincent Bargis to create a graphic universe that would have an impact as soon as you entered the room.

The artist spent a week on the 2nd floor of Nida creating this fresco using acrylics and scotch tape.