Le Zoo de Paris commissioned Urban Signature to create an anamorphosis on the walls and floor as part of the predator season.

Project: March 2023

Location: Paris Zoo

Project artist: Scaf

SCAF, from Lorraine in north-east France, has had a passion for drawing since he was a child, and started graffiti in 2002. 

He favours artistic creations with a realistic style, but is also inspired by the world of comic strips. In recent years, SCAF’s work has focused more on animals and anamorphosis, where he mainly combines photographic staging to accompany 3D murals known as anamorphic.

SCAF has been painting his anamorphoses around the world for the past 6 years, and has now decided to offer his vision of the puma in anamorphosis for this collaboration with Paris Zoo.

This collaboration will be on display at the Paris Zoo until November 2023.