Onemizer was born in 1987 in the South of France.

The people close to him encouraged him to paint on canvas as well as on walls and to show his work after meeting along the way people in hotels, restaurants or bars…

​Onemizer has come quite some way since his beginnings in the streets and he now exhibits in a number of international art galleries.

​In 2014 he was part of the team of about a hundred artists from all over who produced the longest graffiti scroll ever, which eventually made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

​More recently, he was selected by the influential Guide de l’Art Contemporain Urbain (Graffiti Art Magazine) to feature as one of the 50 most talented artists for the year 2019.

Onemizer draws his inspiration everywhere, from iconic works of art as well as from what he can observe in his everyday life, not forgetting what he experienced as a child.