Beer cans 8.6

Launch of 8.6 Street Art Edition cans – February 2022

A variety of events are marking the approaching end of winter, and in particular… the limited edition cans of 8.6 Original!

After a genuine saga based around tattoos, with no fewer than 24 designs created by leading tattoo artists over 6 years (see notes here and there), the Dutch brand Swinkels Family Brewers is moving into a new world, that of street art.

Based on the same principle of 4 numbered event cans, Collector’s Edition n°1, n°2, n°3, n°4, the 8.6 brand asked Urban Signature to suggest 4 leading street artists to create their own designs for the famous cans: Brok, Dante, RNST and Cone The Weird. These are graffiti artists with wild, offbeat imaginations and very distinctive worlds.

A QR code on the cans allows you to take part in a competition to win a work of art by a street artist, simply by scanning it.