Back to the shack

Urban Signature will once again be invading the Shack Paris from December 3 to 12, 2021, for its new exhibition Back to the Shack.

Back to the Shack features over 150 works by around twenty artists. The exhibition takes place in the several rooms of the Shack, an original place at the crossroads of living, dining, well-being and work. 

Designed at the end of the 19th century by Gustave Eiffel, this unique venue in the heart of Paris features one-of-a-kind pieces created especially for the event. Some of the pieces are even made from metal, in homage to the famous architect. 

Address: 4 impasse Sandrié, 75009 Paris

Opening hours: Saturday, December 4: 12 noon to midnight

Sunday, December 5: 2pm to 7pm

Saturday, December 11: 12 noon to midnight

Sunday, December 12: 2pm to midnight