Enedis commissioned Urban Signature to enhance two electricity meters in Argenteuil.

Location : Argenteuil

Selected artists: Dark & Théo Haggaï

Period: October and November 2021

Location of Dark’s converter: 7 Place du Capitaine Chauvelot – Argenteuil

Théo Haggaï’s converter location: 41 Allée Romain Rolland – Argenteuil

Enedis is aiming to have 150 electricity meters customised by street artists across France.

The town of Argenteuil and Enedis therefore selected the artists Dark and Théo Haggaï to work on the two electrical converters. The choice of frescoes was made in cooperation with the neighbourhood associations and local residents, with 2 or 3 sketches proposed by each artist.

Following the work on the converters, workshops with the artists and Argenteuil children were held in various schools across the city.