NEOMOUV is a French company based in La Flèche in the Pays de la Loire region, that designs and distributes a wide range of electrically-assisted bicycles for your daily commute and weekend adventures. Urban, folding, VTC and mountain bikes, our models enable us to meet all your needs and desires. Each bike is designed in our R&D department, then painted and assembled in Bike Valley, Portugal, by our long-standing assembler UNIBIKE.

Our mission is to bring you joy and pleasure by accompanying you on your daily journeys!

On the strength of their expertise in urban electric bikes, Neomouv contacted Urban Signature to create unique VAE models with street artists. Indeed, 8 bikes have been customized by the artists: Stoul, Piotre, Stew, Xkuz, Jo Di Bona, Djalouz, Shupa.